NB! This is not a binding reservation, just an enquiry. We will answer you promptly. It would be useful to know, however, whether you are only making an enquiry about the price at this stage, or wish to make a direct booking. Choose from one of the following options:



Room type/accommodationPer personWith DNT discount
Accommodation in new double room with shower and toilet, including breakfast and bed linen NOK 650.00  
Single room supplement NOK 190.00  
Half board, double room with shower and toilet 1 day NOK 950.00  
2 days NOK 890.00  
3 days NOK 850.00  
Packed lunch per slice NOK 12.00 NOK 12.00
Breakfast NOK 130.00 NOK 110.00
Flask of coffee/tea/warm juice NOK 40.00 NOK 35.00
Flask of hot water NOK 15.00 NOK 10.00
Hire of bed linen NOK 100.00 NOK 100.00
Half board single room NOK 840.00 NOK 790.00
Half board double room NOK 795.00 NOK 755
Half board 3+4 NOK 755.00 NOK 705.00
Bed and breakfast single room NOK 515.00 NOK 480.00
Bed and breakfast double room NOK 470.00 NOK 445.00
Bed and breakfast 3+4 NOK 430.00 NOK 395.00
Bed from NOK 280.00
Half board includes a 3-course meal, bed and breakfast.
Room with shower and toilet includes bed linen.
For large groups, ski clubs and teams, prices are by arrangement.

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