Room type/accommodationPer personWith DNT discount
Accommodation in double room with shower and toilet, including breakfast and bed linen NOK 855.00  
Single room supplement NOK 270.00  
Half board, double room with shower and toilet 1 day-2 days NOK 1190.00  
3 days, or more NOK 1130.00  
Room without shower:    
Half board single room NOK 1020.00 NOK 990.00
Half board double room NOK 990.00 NOK 950.00
Half board 3+4 NOK 950.00 NOK 905.00
Bed and breakfast single room NOK 625.00 NOK 610.00
Bed and breakfast double room NOK 595.00 NOK 570.00
Bed and breakfast 3+4 NOK 555.00 NOK 525.00
Half board includes a 3-course dinner, bed and breakfast.
The prices include made up beds.
For large groups, ski clubs and teams, prices are by arrangement.

Free cancellation up to 15 days upon arrival. If the order is canelled later than 15 days before arrival, you are obligated to pay a precentage of the agreed price:
14–4 days before arrival: 50%
3–1 days before arrival: 75%
Cansellation arrival day or noshow: 100%

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