A half-hour trip by bike will take you to Raubergstulen and the Jotunheimen Equestrian Centre. You can participate in day tours or shorter riding trips in the area’s wonderful nature.

They have chiefly Icelandic horses but they also use Døle and Fjording horses. See page for the Raubergstulen Equestrian Centre

At Raubergstulen you will find the Jotunheimen Equestrian Centre, which offers riding trips every day by agreement.

Their Icelandic horses make good travelling companions and take you on great tours in beautiful surroundings with professional guidance.

Everyone can take part, both large and small, experienced or otherwise. Tel 61 21 18 00
The minimum age for 2-hour trips and half-day trips is 8 years.

Trips must be booked in advance, preferably by the previous day at the latest.
The 2015 season is from 1 July to 16 August.

Prices and tour options:

  • Hired tour 15-30 min: NOK 150.00
  • 1-hour tour: NOK 250.00
  • 2 hours: NOK 450.00
  • Half-day tours, ca. 3 hours: NOK 550.00
  • Half-day family tour: NOK 1,600.00 for 2 adults and 1 or 2 children (NOK 200.00 extra for each additional child)

Information about the tours:
All riders must wear a helmet. Helmets can be hired if you do not have your own. The tours are held in all kinds of weather, so take good, warm clothing with you on cold days. The weather can change quickly, so bring along additional clothing even if the weather is fine when we start. Sitting still on a horse can also feel cold.
All tours are on excellent terrain and along good paths, so there is the option of hiking off-route, if anyone wants to.
With the 2-hour tours and half-day tours there is a break, so you can bring along a packed lunch and a flask of coffee if you like. Hour-long tours are in the vicinity of Raubergstulen. Hired tours take you along a gravelled path, allowing you to walk beside your horse while someone is riding.


Contact us

2687 Bøverdalen
+47 61 21 29 34