At Sognefjellet you can go skiing most of the year. We lay the tracks in cooperation with the Sognefjellet Summer Ski Centre from when the Sognefjellsveien opens in May to July/August, after the winter closure.

Season: mid-May to mid-July

Tracks are laid every day and are salted as required, and conditions are considered very favourable for summer training. We have long experience in accommodating skiers and we know what their demands are for food and relaxation, which of course we always take into consideration. National cross-country skiing and biathlon teams to smaller club groups and private skiers are amongst our permanent skiing guests.

The routes vary depending on the time during the summer and the amount of snow. Early in the season we have longer runs, up to 8 kilometres, but these can be reduced to three kilometres by the end of the season.

Contact us

2687 Bøverdalen
+47 61 21 29 34